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11 Jul 2010
On the 9th July, the Feast of St John Fisher and St Thomas More, the Vicar General, together with Father Shanko and Daniel Akiso, travelled to the Mission . Father Kenyon-Hoare baptised eight teenagers and young adults.  He also took gifts of clothing, a crocheted blanket, cup cakes and sweets for the children.  The Mission was...
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15 Jun 2010
On the 19th May, the Feast of St Dunstan, the Vicar General travelled with Father Shanko to a township just outside Paarl, Western Cape, some 60 km from Cape Town to receive a new mission. He was surprised on arrival to find that his new congregation would consist of the children and staff of a...
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26 Apr 2010
On Low Sunday, 11th April, Father Eddie Mienandi, and Old Catholic priest who has been received into the ACC from Congo Brazzaville, celebrated a Mass at the Chapel of Our Lady of Walsingham, Lansdowne for ten French speaking refugees.  This initiative is a continuation of the ACC's drive to minister to the needs of refugees...
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21 Apr 2010
On Saturday 17th April I together with three parishioners of Our Lady of Walsingham, assisted the Sisanda Fundaytion in entertaining 162 young children of the Desmond Tutu Foundation in Guguletu, Cape Town. The organisation cares for over 6000 in-and-out patients living with HIV Aids. The children we entertained were between the ages of 6 to 22...
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14 Apr 2010
The Vicar General, on commission from Archbishop Haverland, presided over the first synod of the newly erected Missionary Diocese of the Eastern Cape on the 10th April 2010 in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth. After the Synod Mass the proceedings began with nominations, and the only priest's name put forward was Father Solomzi Samson Mentjies, which was...
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