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27 Mar 2010
On the 27th March 2010 at a Special Synod of the MDSA the decision of the Provincial Synod of October 2009 to erect a new diocese of the Eastern Cape (MDEC) was ratified. The new diocese came into immediate effect with the result that all existing parishes and missions within the borders of the Eastern...
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21 Mar 2010
Father Barrie Hodgin was formerly a Roman Catholic religious and priest who came to us via the Canterbury Anglican Communion.  Father Barrie was very much the traditionalist, and when he became disillusioned with the innovations which began to appear in the modern church, he joined the ACC, bringing thirty valuable years of experience to the...
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30 Jan 2010
Its quite some time since we last posted a web-site update, mainly because our web-master disappeared without trace. So we took the opportunity for a complete revamp of the site. We are no longer reliant on others now that we can do our own updates.   Other big news is the decision taken by the College of...
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12 Jan 2010
Father Lulamile Enoch Sandi Born 15th July 1972 Died 11 January 2010 in the Octave of the Epiphany Priested: November 2004 in Grahamstown   Father Sandi died as a result of complications following an appendix operation a month before. He was not married and leaves three brothers and a sister.   Of your charity pray for the repose of his soul.
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30 Aug 2009
This update is long overdue, but I decided to wait for our Episcopal Visitor to complete his visitation before putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!). Archbishop Haverland was to have visited SA for our Annual Synod in April this year, but experienced difficulty with his visa. It fell to me to preside over Synod,...
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