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30 Aug 2009
This update is long overdue, but I decided to wait for our Episcopal Visitor to complete his visitation before putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!). Archbishop Haverland was to have visited SA for our Annual Synod in April this year, but experienced difficulty with his visa. It fell to me to preside over Synod,...
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1 Jun 2009
Volume 1:3, Trinitytide, 2009 In this issue: Syncretism Synod 2009 Qwa Qwa Soweto Satanist Attack Diocesan Appointments The Touch Of the Master » Click here to download our newsletter, Bona Fide, for June 2009 (4.6MB).
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30 Jan 2009
An epiphany is, of course, a showing forth of the glory of God. We here in the MDSA can justly claim to have experienced such a showing forth of the wonders of God’s glory and power, as we begin this year of 2009. It gives me great joy whenever I can report that a new...
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30 Jan 2008
“That day, about three thousand were added to their number.” (Acts 3:41) Well, we may not have added three thousand in one day , but over the last three months we have seen more than a thousand souls join us. First we welcomed Fr. David Mpheshia and his parish of St. Michael and All Angels, Phutaditjaba,...
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2 Dec 2007
The highlights of the fourth quarter, at least on a personal level, were firstly my attendance at Provincial Synod in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A (followed by a couple of weeks holiday with family in the Cotswolds of England), followed shortly thereafter by our third Diocesan Synod in Cape Town, South Africa, where important changes to our...
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