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18 Sep 2011
Bishop Alan made his annual visit to the parishes and missions in the Free State from the 8th to the 12th September.  Flying first to Bloemfontein he then drove to the township of Botshabelo, about 47 km from the airport, where he inspected the Church site on which had been erected a "shack church",  built...
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18 Sep 2011
It’s a miracle… Imagine being so short-sighted that you can’t see anything more than two inches from your nose. Then imagine getting spectacles that give you almost normal vision – and even better, not having to pay for them. Daily life for Julia Matokotsi of Harankopane in Qwa-Qwa near the Free State town of Harrismith has...
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1 Aug 2011
At 2am on the 18th July a fire started in a neighbour's house and spread to Bavumeleni Khaya. The building was completely gutted, together with furniture, appliances, bedding, personal possessions etc.  Little Lisakhanya Jacob Bongco, who was only 20 months, old perished in the fire, although he was one of the first children taken to...
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18 Jul 2011
I have very sad news to impart - we had a phone call in the early hours of this morning from Miriam Toni to say that the orphanage, Bavumeleni Khaya, had burnt down and that one child, Jacob Toni, had died in the blaze.  The fire had apparently spread from a neighbouring house, everything was destroyed in...
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15 Jul 2011
A well-known evangelical preacher in the USA has put forward the idea that a loving God would never condemn anyone to eternal torture or punishment in hell. He says that the forces of good would therefore suffer loss if sinners were condemned to everlasting punishment. A hot debate has erupted, following the publication of Pastor...
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