September 2010

29 Sep 2010
A few weeks ago, I visited the Bavulemeni Khaya in Paarl as part of my community service project for school. The lady who runs it is called Miriam. She takes in orphaned babies that the police bring in and raise them. She doesn’t get paid or receive a lot of government funding but still, she...
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28 Sep 2010
As part of the Grade 10 curriculum at schools here, students have to do a certain amount of community service. Stacy Rouchos, a member of Holy Paraclete Parish, for her community project visited Bavulemeni Khaya of The Little Children of Mary Mission in Paarl.  Her report will follow.  In the background of the picture you can see two of the small...
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1 Sep 2010
Consecration of the first Bishop Ordinary   It has been announced that the election of Father Alan Kenyon-Hoare as the first Bishop Ordinary of the Missionary Diocese of Southern Africa has been confirmed by the College of Bishops. His Consecration has been set for the 7th October 2010 at the Parish Church of the Holy Guardian Angels,...
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