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30 Jan 2009

An epiphany is, of course, a showing forth of the glory of God. We here in the MDSA can justly claim to have experienced such a showing forth of the wonders of God’s glory and power, as we begin this year of 2009. It gives me great joy whenever I can report that a new parish or mission has joined us, but to have three large congregations, together with the clergy do so is a most wonderful beginning to a new year that we could ever have imagined. Fr. Jake Mabaso, together with his parish of the Holy Family, Protea Glen, Soweto, invited me to visit their parish 18th January. The previous day, arrangements were made to meet with him, together with Fr. Jacob Qhesi of the parish of Emmanuel, Witsieshoek, Free State, as well as several other members of the Protea Glen clergy fraternal, and the upshot of this meeting was that both Fr. Jake and Fr. Jacob intimated their desire to join the A.C.C. On Epiphany II, I celebrated and preached at Fr. Jake’s parish, when he and his people were officially received. Fr. Jacob returned home, having promised to officially apply to be received during the coming visit of our Episcopal Visitor, Archbishop Haverland. After my return home on 19th January, I received a phone call to tell me that Deacon Simani, together with his parish of St. Patrick, Pietermaritzburg also wanted to receive membership application forms. Two other congregations were considering changing their affiliation to the A.C.C.. I had had little to do with all this, other than responding to their cries for help, so to God be ascribed all the glory.

The next day, as I mused on the events of that momentous week-end, I calculated that since being appointed Vicar General of the M.D.S.A. our church had grown by about eight hundred % in terms of the numbers of parishes and missions. Was this not a clear sign of God’s gracious favour towards us? None of this should come as a surprise, since He looks for faithful Christians to carry out his revealed will in a world rushing headlong to disaster. Nor is this a local phenomena, for the latest edition of our newspaper, The Trinitarian, carried a report of the establishment of an A.C.C. presence in Kenya amongst the poor of Nairobi, as well as noting a number of other ecumenical approaches. To finish off a week of exciting happenings, I received an enquiry about the possibility of starting a mission in Brazil, South America. Whilst this is outside my area of jurisdiction, I do see it as a further sign of what God is about throughout the world.

All this has been an inspiration to us here in Cape Town, and the clergy are in the planning stages of an exciting outreach to grow our own congregations to the point when their significance can no longer be in doubt. A major block to further expansion is to be found in the lack of adequate funding for such a rapidly developing diocese, but we are trusting that He who is giving the growth numerically will also adequately supply us with what we need, despite the economic meltdown.

Our Annual Synod will be held again here in Cape Town, and we are looking forward the seeing many new faces, as all our new clergy converge on Schoenstatt Convent in April this year to take counsel together as to how the diocese should proceed from this point. If you wish to see how this ongoing saga continues, watch this space!


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