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25 May 2015
Synod 2015
Before announcing his retirement effective from the 1st March 2015 Bishop Kenyon-Hoare summoned a Reduced Synod consisting of his Council of Advice, Diocesan Officials and such other persons as desired to attend.  The date of the synod was announced as 9th May 2015 and the venue was Akwela Guest Farm, near Bloemfontein, Free State.
Apart from the normal business of any synod, the main purpose was to propose to the Provincial Synod that certain provinces of South Africa be excised from the MDSA to form a new Missionary Diocese of the North East and that the Kingdom of Swaziland be taken into ACC jurisdiction and added to this new diocese.  This motion was passed unanimously.
Prior to this Bishop Kenyon-Hoare had received into membership of the ACC, the Right Reverend Phindile Wellman Saliso of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, together with Mr Tutuse, Church Warden of Colesberg, representing the laity. The Ethiopian Catholic Church has 27 clergy and about 13,000 adult members. Bishop Saliso is resident in Mbekweni Township near Paarl, Cape Town.
No budget was adopted, pending the settlement of borders of the MDSA.


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