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3 Nov 2015
Celebrations at Holy Paraclete Parish
On the 18th October 2015 there was a triple celebration at the Parish of the Holy Paraclete with St Mary & St Martha.  The parish celebrated its 21st Anniversary, having started in Rosebank Scout Hall and moved to various venues over the years, until finding its present meeting place upon merging with St Mary & St Martha.  It was also the occasion to celebrate the 20th Anniversary to the priesthood and a slightly belated 5th Anniversary of his consecration.
We were blessed with fine weather and a full congregation, including Bishop Saliso of the Ethiopian Catholic Church with one of his deacons and a church warden who recently joined the ACC. We also had Father Darell Denere as deacon of the Mass and Deacon Andrew Siljeur as sub deacon, Father Kakaza and Father Manene as bishop's chaplains,   The bishop celebrated a full pontifical High Mass.
It was also good to see a number of former members of the parish who made a special effort to be there for this occasion.  The event was concluded by the serving of refreshments and fellowship after the service.


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